Tuesday, October 25, 2016

olivia pope inspired fall outfit

COAT: Shein || TOP: Show Me Your Mumu || JEANS: Old Navy || SHOES: Steve Madden || BAG: Nordstrom || NECKLACE: Golden Thread

One of my all time favorite TV shows is Scandal. After staying home sick for two weeks a few years ago and binge watching season after season, I inevitably fell in love with Olivia Pope and all things scandalous. Synonymous to Olivia is her classic style. Her classic style is always perfectly assembled to look effortless while sophisticated, but it comes with a high price tag. As much as I love her outfits, it's unrealistic to think I can afford the newest Prada bag or designer pumps. That's where Shein comes in.

Shein has been one of my favorite (if not my all time favorite) stores for years now. Not only do I love how their items look so similar to designer pieces, but they come at a fraction of the price. It makes possible to fill up your cart with a million items and actually buy more than one thing! When I came across this coat, I knew it was a must have. Not only is it this gorgeous navy color that breaks up the all black I normally gravitate towards during colder weather, but it looks just like something our favorite gladiator would wear. 

I chose to brighten up the look by adding a white blouse and white ripped jeans. I know it totally goes against every southern tradition, but I'm loving white jeans for fall and winter right now. It keeps outfits bright & fun and helps to avoid falling into a monotonous slump. I love all white looks year-round, so adding a fun navy coat is the perfect way to transition it from summer to fall.  

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Monday, October 10, 2016

fall pumpkin bread recipe

easy fall pumpkin bread recipe
Charlton Lee fall homemade spice bread recipe
What to do with fall pumpkins pumpkin bread recipe download
quick and easy breakfast ideas for fall
what to give as a hostess gift
traditional homemade pumpkin spice bread recipe
the best fall dessert recipes


Hey, y'all! It's been a little quite around here, but school has been absolutely crazy with a million important things going on at all times. I've been spending a lot of my time and focus on The Retail Vault so keep an eye out for new and exciting things happening over there! In the mean time, follow along on Instagram. 

I am dying to find the time to go to a pumpkin patch! Every year I am so jealous of all of the cute pictures I see, so I'm making it my mission to go to one this year. Because I don't have a kitchen readily available in my dorm, I pre-shot this pumpkin bread over the summer, but I desperately wish I could bring home fresh pumpkins and decorate the house with them and the smell of this yummy bread! This recipe has been in my family for years and is always such a hit. It's great with a hot drink in the morning or with ice cream for dessert. I have the best memories of sledding all day with breaks to drink hot chocolate and eat warm pumpkin bread!

What are your favorite fall treats? Leave a comment below!


Monday, September 19, 2016

what's in my bag: college edition

what's in my college backpack the university of texas austin


Hey, y'all! It's so fun to be making another collage! It's been a while since I've made one, or even posted for that matter. Between college courses and sorority life, it's hard to find time to create content for this blog. When I actually do, I love the creative process, but it can be hard to dedicate time for it. I'm going to try my hardest to keep posting as regularly as possible, but hopefully this explains why the post these next few months may not be as often.

Speaking of college courses, I thought it would be fun ( and hopefully useful to some of y'all ) to show y'all what I find to be essential for your college bag! First and foremost, please get a backpack. And not a cheap one from the dollar store, but invest in one that can carry you throughout the four or more years you will spend on your campus. I was able to reuse the same one I used in high school, but I miss picking out a new backpack! That used to be one of the best parts of back-to-school shopping. The ones that rolled instantly made you the coolest kid in the second grade, am I right?! Honestly, I wish I would have invested in a black backpack instead though. Mine is from Northface and I highly recommend their backpacks, especially this one.

Growing up, I was so excited for college because it meant that I would get my very own computer. You'll find that so many other students have the exact same computer as you, so a skin is the best way to differentiate your tech from the rest. I talked about my custom computer skin in this post, but I really value something unique so much more now that I'm actually in college. It makes it so easy to set your computer apart and makes doing your homework a little bit more manageable. I love CaseApp for all of my technology accessories because not only do they have everything imaginable for just about every product, but they are all 100% customizable. Between your phone and computer, you can create a whole range of unique cases or skins! I love the pre-made designs they have to offer, but there's so much room to create whatever you want: from your favorite picture to a monogram or anything in-between! Check out all of the products CaseApp has to offer here.

Headphones, a water bottle, and portable charger are three of the must under appreciated items for your college backpack. Walking to class no longer means going a few doors down, so it's nice to listen to some music while walking around on campus. I used to love driving to and from school just because it was 15 minutes I got to jam to my favorite music, so now I get to do that while walking around! Because listening to music uses battery, you'll quickly find yourself on "low power mode" before it's even lunchtime. Just the fact that there are so many students on campus using their phones drains your own battery in my opinion! I'm not sure how that's even possible, but I swear it is. A portable charger will become your new best friend, especially one that has a built-in cord! Lastly, it is so important to stay hydrated. Because you can no longer just walk into the kitchen to get water any time you want ( at least that's my situation ), it's great to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day so you don't find yourself getting to the end of the day without having anything to drink!

What are your backpack essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

an update + custom stickers

Hey, y'all! This last month has been a complete whirlwind, but I'm so happy I can finally take a few minutes to sit down and share all of the exciting new things with all of you!

In mid-August, I moved to college! I had no idea how many little things would go into prepping for dorm life, but boy are there a lot. Not only is it things like matching your sheet to your roommates and finding the right throw pillows, but things like deciding how I'm going to plan my day to make sure I make dinner before it ends, or figuring out how early I need to leave my room in order to get to class in time. { ps: stay tuned for a dorm room tour! } It's the little things that make the difference between feeling exhausted and settled. I still haven't quite figured everything out, but it's definitely getting a whole lot easier! 

I also participated in rush, which was such an interesting experience. Honestly, I didn't think it was that bad, but I also tried to go in very naive and open minded. If any of you girls are thinking about going through rush, I would love to provide any kind of feedback or help that you may need. I ended up at my top choice, so I couldn't be more excited! It's still a struggle to balance sorority events with school and then trying to blog somewhere in-between all of that, but with time it will all work itself out! Until then, it's just a lot of prayer and desperate attempts to start liking coffee. 

Last Wednesday, my sweet friend Sarah from The Bella Insider threw a back to school party in partnership with Teen Vogue. It was so fun to take pictures in the adorable photo booth, make new friends, and raid the candy bar. I've loved Teen Vogue since Lauren Conrad interned for them on The Hills, so it was awesome to get to attend one of their events myself!

Being in college, and just being in Austin for that matter, is completely different than any place I've ever lived before, especially Houston! I love driving down the highway and seeing a huge green beltway to my left, followed by the tall buildings of downtown. Austin is such a fun city and I can't wait to explore it further! One of the things that is "so Austin" and even "so college" are stickers. Whether you slap them on a bus stop, computer case, or water bottle, I always see unique stickers every day. When StickerApp reached out to me and offered to let me design my own stickers, it was a no brainer. Between the custom ones they already offered and the option to design my own, I knew I would be hopping on the sticker bandwagon. 

I'm such a mom when it comes to The Retail Vault. It's my little baby and I want to show it off with everyone, but I also don't want to be that obnoxious person everyone rolls their eyes at either. So to compromise, I created stickers with TRV logo which I can place on my water bottle or hand out to friends! It was the perfect in-between and offers such a cute way to spread the word. I also designed some custom monogrammed stickers which are perfect for really anything! I didn't realize how much I would love the stickers until they came in and I started finding so many various places to stick them, but they really are the best college edition to any item. 

If you would like to order your own stickers, custom or pre-designed, StickerApp has generously offered each of you a discount! Use the code "CHARLTONL20" to receive 20% off your order! Click here to go directly to their site. 

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Monday, September 5, 2016

the best travel outfit

the perfect traveling outfit from charlton lee blog
Charlton Lee wearing joie t-strap thong sandal
Nordstrom Calson blue checkered scarf
Nordstrom Lush brand t-shirt in aqua
nordstrom tri-toned blue scarf
the perfect airplane travel outfit

TOP: Nordstrom {similar} || JEANS: Old Navy {similar} || SCARF: Nordstrom || SANDALS: Target {save}{splurge} || BAG: Nordstrom {similar}

When it comes to traveling, it's always a tough decision to go with either something put together, or leggings and an oversized t-shirt. I often find myself opting for the leggings, but on some trips, a nicer outfit is more appropriate for the occasion. When I traveled to Europe this summer (see the travel diary here), I knew we would be arriving mid-day, so I wanted something I could wear off the plane and would still feel comfortable taking pictures in. At the same time, we would be spending close to nine hours in the air, so I didn't want to be uncomfortable for even a second! That's where this look comes in...

There are so many great travel-proof aspects to this outfit. First, the sandals are perfect for taking on and off quickly and easily during airport security. It's always such a hassle to be the girl holding up the line because she's trying to get her shoes back on! Secondly, the jeans are perfect for keeping warm, without being too hot and stuffy on the airplane. I love this pair from Old Navy (currently on sale!) because they seriously feel like pajama pants. They are by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I own, plus they're so cute with the perfect rips! Next, a t-shirt is always a must. If I've learned anything from college so far, it's that a t-shirt is the best investment to make (or to get for free!) Scarves are the absolute, all-time best travel accessory. Not only does it tie this look together, but it can double as a blanket if you get chilly on the plane or throughout your trip, a pillow if you want to take a nap, and even a towel for laying out at the beach. For less than $50, this one is a complete travel necessity. Lastly, an easy cross body and a watch finish off the look and come in so handy! Not only can you keep all of your essentials on you at all times with the cross body, but it's also the perfect bag to carry around while exploring on your trip. A watch is great for telling time, and adds the finishing touch to the look!

Let me know what your travel essential are in the comments below!

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