My name is Chottie and I’m the writer of this blog, Charlton Lee. The name Charlton Lee is my legal name (from my great-great grandma), but day-to-day I go by Chottie. When I have time to waste, I love binge watching any reality tv show, finding hole in the wall coffee shops, and discovering new places to photograph. 

I currently live in Austin, Texas where I get to study business at the University of Texas - hook ‘em!! Between all that UT & Austin have to offer, studying, and sorority life, I don’t have as much time as I would like to regularly post content. After taking a semester break from blogging, I really miss the opportunity to have this amazing creative outlet, even if it’s just for me to go back and look on. 

Through the perspective I’ve gained because of this blog, I’ve created a website called The Retail Vault to help others find what they’re looking for without compromising the little time we fight for [ or money for that matter! ]

After a summer full of traveling, I’ve gained a love for photography. I’m always down for a photoshoot, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in putting together a session! 

I hope you find a piece of this blog that brings a little bit of sunshine to your day!