Hey, there!

I am so excited to finally show off my little nook that I get to call home this year. After some recent finishing touches, I finally feel like this is my room and I am coming home after class and not just to a shared dorm room. Between space restrictions & a budget, I made it my mission to make this room as cozy and comfortable as possible. 

To start, I knew I wanted to keep with a neutral, white color scheme. Bright colors make a small space feel suffocating, and when you start adding knick-knacks here & there, it only adds more colors and encloses the space even further. So, I kept to white linens, with subtle, muted accent colors. I found an amazing cowhide rug on sale at One Kings Lane, and let that be the accent piece in the room. I grabbed this duvet cover under $50 at H&M, and accented with sage green curtains & matching chair slip cover [Target], and sheets [Bed Bath & Beyond]. I threw on some pillows from various places, still keeping with the neutral theme though. Above my bed, I utilized a small wall by hanging three picture frames I found at Ikea for $5 a piece! I finished it off with quite possibly the softest blanket from Target & a bulletin board I rigged to act as a headboard [HomeGoods]. 

My roommate's grandma made our bed skirts, but they are so easy to do. Stop by your local fabric store and pick up a few yards of a neutral linen fabric, and then just hem the edges and add some strips at the top so that you can tie the skirt to the springs of your bed. I found something identical online for $150, but we did it for a fraction of that price!

The bedside table was the last piece we just updated, and it makes such a difference. The room came with a bedside table, but the wood was the same shade as the bed frame, which looked very cold and "dormy" to me. I have seen lots of girls swap out the dorm table for one of their own, but being on a budget I knew I would need to get crafty. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby & $10 later, we completely transformed the table. I measured the table & got enough fabric to cover the sides, top, and front, and finished it off with a piece of glass. It looks so much nicer and feels like a living room instead of someone else's room.

The desk came in the same brown wood finish, so I found this great marble sticker on Amazon for $20 & used half of it to cover the desk. Everyone thinks I brought in a custom desk, but I saved a lot of time & hassle by making the most of what I had! I double my desk as a vanity, so I grabbed these acrylic makeup drawers from The Container Store to keep all of my makeup accessible and tidy. I also found a matching acrylic jewelry organizer from TJ Maxx to hang necklaces, and hang the rest of my necklaces on command hooks to the right of my desk. Under my desk, I keep a stackable drawer from The Container Store, which perfectly conceals and hides all of my beauty products, hair brushes, etc. To the left of my desk is my laundry basket, and above it I store a bathroom caddy and various other things like a portable speaker, books, and knick knacks. I found this great marble & gold bookend from HomeGoods for $10, which doubles as decoration. 

The room is pretty small, but by sticking to a neutral color scheme, utilizing under-bed storage, and simplifying my life to only the things I really need, I'm able to make it work with space to spare. [ I have a whole dresser drawer under my bed just for food.. ] By shopping discount stores, and getting creative with the furniture, I was able to completely change the look of the room for a great price.

I'm always looking for more ways to save space & make my room cozier, so share your tips with a quick comment! Thanks for reading!