ohh heyyy there!! it's been a hot sec since I last posted, but I'm excited to finally be writing again! life has been crazy, but as I look back on each new semester, I reflect on what I loved, hated, and what I can do better. one major thing I'm trying to focus on this year is taking more pictures, so I thought this would be a great place to start! 


last semester, I dove headfirst into The Retail Vault. I learned so much about startups, running a business, and managing my time. it made me incredibly excited to see what the future of TRV looks like, but also has made me realized I need to make more of an effort to live in the present. I look back on the semester and just see a blur - school, business, work, repeat. as great as those things are, this year i'm focused on living more in the moment, taking it day by day, and aligning my days with the things I love. I am so excited to continue to work on TRV, but also find a good balance of enjoying being 20 while also running a business!


going along with living in the moment, I am learning that there are some things in life that will only become a priority if you force them to be one. for me, this is living a healthy lifestyle: eating good food, exercising, and spending time with the Lord. it is so easy for me to tell myself that there are just too many things to do so a quiet time or 30 min on the elliptical will have to wait for tomorrow (point in case - all of last week). but then I hit a wall. and regret not taking care of myself before I hit the wall. as hard as it is to justify an hour a day for yourself, there is a clear difference in how I look, feel, and preform when I carve out the time to exercise & spend time with the Lord. 


since I can remember, Lauren Conrad has been my.freaking.girl. starting with the Hills, I was always drawn to her class, humor, and wisdom. she has been one incredible role model to look up to, and I've always aspired to follow in her footsteps. when I got to college, I constantly thought of her #baddie internship at Teen Vogue and ways that I could find an internship like that in my own life. Austin is one of the best cities in the world, but it's one downside is its focus on tech instead of fashion. so to have a company like Kendra Scott headquartered here is m.a.j.o.r.! somehow - by the literal grace of God - I scored a dream internship at the corporate office. i am blown away by the amazing atmosphere it is & feel so incredibly blessed to get to be a small part of it!


lastly, i've got to brag on my gals!! college has brought me the absolute best friends & I can't say enough great things about them. between my freshman dorm, classes, and sorority life, I have come to know so many gems. within my sorority, I have the opportunity of sharing how great these girls are with the rest of the community through the position of marketing director - think planning out artsy insta pics, designing unique merch, and sharing the personality of the girls through videos. what a dream!!!

ok that's all for now, the library is calling! really and truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support in this blog. I can't imagine my life now if I had never started it. xx

ps: I'm going to NYC this weekend! comment any and all suggestions :))