there’s a line in the movie The Vow about defining moments. as Channing Tatum’s character so insightfully states, “moments of impact…these flashes of high intensity… actually end up defining who we are.” i hope you’ve had one of those moments - where that voice inside your head or the chill that goes through your body tells you that the events of that very moment are going to shape the rest of your life.


i’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these moments recently, which correlate in a way that can only mean God is trying to get something across to me. in a nutshell, this is what i’m hearing: there’s this stigma on being vulnerable, and it’s wrong. we’re told by society from a young age how to act, feel, think, and do. as a college student, the version this narrative takes is fitting into the norms of what we are told college should be. but in reality, it’s not at all like you expected just a few years before. in fact, none of life is. i remember pinning & reading countless Pinterest articles on how to design a freshman dorm room, the essentials no one tells you about, and tips on how to make all A’s. and while it seemed beneficial at the time, in reality none of it made a difference. the second you step foot into your freshman year, you enter into a whirlwind that no one prepares you for. that’s probably in part because there’s no way to really prepare someone for all of the newness of life on your own. but i’ve come to learn there are a lot of things that should be talked about that we’re not. i want to change that.

whether or not anyone reads this “column”, i want to provide the advice i wish someone told me and would continue to tell me as i learn about this weird journey called life & adulthood. i want to take the conversations, readings, and lessons i’ve accumulated and chronicle the ways God is teaching & growing me. contrary to what this blog became when i was consistently posting, i want each post to be truly authentic and vulnerable.

i’m in a phase, or what i’m coming to accept may be a life-long search, of searching for passion & a career path. the harsh reality is that often, these two paths parallel but never come to touch. despite having literally no idea as to what i want to do post-grad, the one thing i do know is that these two lines have to intersect.

our generation gets a bad rep for the “softer” nature we seem to embody. but upon further look, i think our generation is actually one of the bravest generations we’ve had. the conversation has started about how we feel, think, and who we are. with conservatism being the prevailing nature, it’s easy to see 2018 as a liberal time filled with the movements like #MeToo. while controversial, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is the extreme braveness this has brought to society. it’s opened the door for people to be able to talk freely, even if it’s as simple as the reality of what life really feels and looks like. which plot twist, isn’t always sunshine & rainbows.

what i wish more than anything is that we can be a generation that relentlessly pursues the things that set our hearts on fire. the passions that gets us out of bed (or during college, the material you can’t seem to learn enough about) would be the areas we spend our life pursuing. i so wish we can find the courage to fight through the voices telling us our dreams are not good enough and wholeheartedly live a life connecting those paths. my wish is for a life full of moments of impact.