Welcome to the newly redesigned Charlton Lee! I have been dying to update CL for months and finally took the plunge this weekend and just did it [ more to come on "just doing it" soon]. I created my blog the summer after my sophomore year of high school and had a professional web designer help me with the looks of the site. Almost three years later, I knew a facelift was in store, but I still had zero idea on how to code and definitely was on a stricter budget than before [ #college ]. I had designed two websites [ here & here ] before using a more intuitive platform, so I decided to take the risk and switch blogging platforms, completely redoing the site from scratch, all the while just hoping for the best. And boy, did that risk pay off!

I'm always looking to make little tweaks here & there, so nothing is ever fully finished in my book, but until I get the renovating bug again, this is what Charlton Lee looks like! I've organized it into the main categories it encompasses: looks, bites, travel, faith, college, and more. My OCD mind loves that everything has a place & flows so naturally. It makes writing new post so much more satisfying! 

Because everything is in it's own little nook, the best way to stay up to date on new posts is to follow along on Bloglovin' or Instagram. Bloglovin' will curate all of my post into your personal feed, and I will keep the link in my Instagram bio up to date with the newest blog post. Otherwise, feel free to just click around and explore what you're feeling!

I would love to hear what your thoughts are! How can I improve the look? What would you like to see? Let me know by leaving a quick comment below!

Thanks for reading!