hiii!! like I mentioned before, I've been obsessed with Pinterest recently. I kept seeing so many healthy breakfast scramble ideas, so I thought I would try one inspired by all of them...

I shared the step by step on Instagram but wanted to post the full recipe here. It was so easy to make, packed full of veggies and other nutritious foods & incredibly filling.

I started by sauteing the bell pepper & onion. I then crisped up the sweet potato with a little bit of EVOO & finished by cooking the egg whites with spinach & baby tomatoes added on top. While this is cooking, microwave the turkey bacon & slice the avocado. When each item has been cooked, place them all back on the pan to toss together, adding in the turkey bacon. Top with avocado & you're done!


  • 1/4 bell pepper
  • 1/4 C onion 
  • 2/3 C sweet potato
  • 1/3 C egg whites
  • 2 C spinach
  • 1/4 C baby tomatoes 
  • 2 slices turkey bacon 
  • 1/4 medium avocado 
  1. Microwave turkey bacon until crispy
  2. Saute bell pepper & onion over medium-high heat; set aside in a bowl
  3. Crisp the sweet potato until edges are brown; set aside
  4. Cook egg whites, spinach, and tomatoes over medium heat
  5. Mix in sweet potato, pepper & onion mixture, and turkey bacon
  6. Top with avocado 


for one serving (measurements above)...

350 Calories

30 g Protein

7 g Fiber