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Merry early Christmas y'all! I'm just about done getting my gifts for everyone, which gives me a little time to wrap them before Christmas, which is a few days more than normally. Christmas Eve is one of my absolute favorite parts of the year. The candle light service at my family's church always gives me chills. I know it's easy for me to get caught up in exams, shopping, and baking, and forget the true meaning of Christmas. (cliche, I know). As fab as all the gifts under the tree will be {like that J.Crew vest I asked for, Mom;)}, none of it compares to the gift of Jesus. I love how we can universally celebrate the birthday of our Savior and I can't wait to celebrate it with Him one day! 

No birthday celebration would be complete without the perfect outfit, am I right?? I love getting dressed up for the Christmas Eve service. It's the perfect occasion to go a little over the top, plus it's during the winter which already is one of the best seasons for fashion in my opinion. 

Can we just take a minute for this coat? It's so over the top, but I'm obsessed with it! I originally saw it on


next to a Balenciaga bag so I just assumed it would be one of those "one day" pieces. Last year, Amber from

Barefoot Blonde

posted it from


for a crazy good price! Unfortunately, it was sold out, but I emailed, called and searched all over until I found an exact replica at Romwe. I figured I wouldn't be able to link it because it was last season, but thankfully I found another replica at a different website for even less than what I paid (link above). Get it while you can! I think the white faux fur looks amazing next to the red suede. Together, it makes the perfect Christmas Eve outfit!

Happy Birthday Jesus!!