costa rica

costa rica: video diary

Sometimes it takes more than a picture to capture the beauty of something. Since getting my camera, I've loved playing around with the different things it can do, which includes videos. I am so naive when it comes to videoing and editing, but I thought I'd give it a try so I put together some clips when I was in Costa Rica.

 Sorry for the shakiness! I'm hoping I'll get better with time and experience. :) 

Make sure and watch in HD!


costa rica: photo diary

This summer, my family was able to take an awesome vacay to Costa Rica. It was so gorg- a deff must go if any of you every get the opportunity! We stayed at a resort down the road from a little town called Tamarindo, on the North West side of the country. I loved loved loved taking day trips to different beaches, which were all so different. It's crazy how one beach can be too dangerous for surfing but one 10 minutes down the road is perfectly fine! 

Everyone was so incredibly outgoing and sweet, which just made the trip that much better! 

On one of the days, we went zip lining which was so cool. Not only was it awesome to see the incredible views, but there were the cutest spider monkeys all throughout the trees as we zipped around!

Even though there were so many beautiful things about the country, there still is a lot of poverty and lives that look a lot different than most of ours. I think it's so important to see people who live in totally different ways than what we're all used to. It really made me think about what I value and how I can help others when I saw the way the locals live. It made me so much more aware of every little thing that I have, and think about if I really need most of it. Seeing so many people happy with so much less was a great reminder of what's really important in life. It deff pushes me to show God's love to as many people I can, in whatever way that may look. 

Overall, it was such an incredible, relaxing trip that I am so grateful to have been able to go on! I love getting to take pictures of beautiful things, especially things that I don't get to see everyday! I hope y'all enjoy some of the pics I put together. 

Have a great day!