frozen yogurt

fourth of july: {diy froyo bar}

Confession: I love going to frozen yogurt shops and sampling the heck out of the flavors. I rarely get a cup of my own because I'm so satisfied with my


 sample cups! I always make sure to bring my brother or dad along though, so I'm not stealing, but rather helping them pick out the best flavors!:) When I was thinking about a sweet treat idea that was 4th of July inspired, a diy froyo bar sounded perfect!

When I think of dessert for the 4th, I think of something light and easy. After spending all day out in the sun, snacking on chips and hot dogs, the last thing I want is anything rich or sugar-comma inducing! A froyo bar is perfect because each person can control how much or little they want and top it in their own unique way. Can you imagine how much fun kids would have with this! One of my favorite frozen yogurt places is actually inside of a gas station. They have this great deal where they offer the extra froyo from the day before at a discount price. I've also seen froyo sold in grocery stores too, in case you can't find it for a good price at an actual froyo store! 

To make the bar, I got a quart of the froyo, an "on-the-go" cup of mini oreos and vanilla wafers (which I crushed), and healthier toppings from the fridge. Oh and sprinkles of course, because you can never have enough sprinkles! 

I would love to hear what your favorite summer treat is in the comments below!