holiday gift guide: for him

for the prepster: t-shirt || croakies || fleece
for the traveler: bag || watch || iPad
for the techie: speaker || GoPro || photo printer
for the athlete: golf bag || gift card || shoes

As hard as it always is to find my mom a gift, it's always 10x harder to find one for my dad. I feel like it's always the same constant repeat of gifts- clothes, golf, grill, clothes, golf, grill...To break out of that rut, I put together some gifts for a variety of personalities. I hope this helps a little bit for all of y'all that struggle as much as I do! 
for the prepster: 

I'm obsessed with preppy style for guys. Not many guys are into styling an outfit, so a preppy t-shirt like this one and some Sperrys, and you're done!

for the traveler:
Traveling is my absolute fav but always super hectic! First, they limit how heavy your bag can be, which so does not work when I'm trying to avoid looking like a hot mess. Then there's the 4 oz limit, which can be so frustrating. Some airports even take away products less than that, which totally doesn't make sense. There's always some kind of delay, whether the plane's late coming in, or (the absolute worst) when you have to sit on the tarmac for hours. Car rides are fun, but I can only last so long before I'm bored. An iPad is the perfect solution! It doesn't take up too much space, can be used with or without wifi, and is endless entertainment. The best for on the go!

for the techie:
Going with the polaroid theme from my gift guide for her, Urban Outfitters sells a printer which prints polaroid pictures minus the camera. You can print pictures wirelessly from your phone and they come out looking like a Polaroid! 

for the athlete:
 My brother is an athlete so it's always been easiest for me to find him something. Shoes are basically always on the list, so that makes it super easy! But apparently red soles aren't the type of shoes he likes, so I always have to send him tons of different colors and style until there's one he actually likes!

If you missed the gift guide for her, make sure and check it out here.


poncho scarf


free people

|| sweater: hm {


} || jeans:

american eagle

|| bag: zara {


} ||

When I first saw this poncho, I immediately loved that it was basically a big blanket scarf with a hole for your head. It's the perfect piece to style as a scarf and then wear in a completely different way.