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why you should be online shopping

If there's one thing I pride myself on, it would be online shopping. I love that I can find anything I want, ranging from $10 dresses to designer shoes, all in one place. What I've found is that no matter where you live or where you shop, there are only so many designers and brands, and eventually they'll start to overlap. Although I love going to my favorite boutiques and stores and actually trying on the clothes in person, 9 out of 10 times I opt for a computer and bowl of popcorn instead.

There are obvious reasons why online shopping is becoming more popular. You don't have to fight traffic or the crowds to get to stores. No one will stare at you if you're still wearing your pajamas. And my favorite part: a lot of the time it's cheaper! From the two years I worked in retail, I learned a little bit about how the brick and mortar aspect of the fashion industry works. While it's great to have a cute store where you can interact with customers one-on-one, you can only make money as long as your doors are open and customers are coming in. Online retail is another story though. Online stores can make money from customers worldwide, 24/7. What does this mean for you? It means a lot of things, but a big one is sales. While retail may keep a dress that hasn't been selling to fill a shelf, or mark it down and wait patiently for it to sell so that it can be replaced, the internet doesn't have that issue. Either someone will buy it (because the audience of customers worldwide is larger than in one particular store) or it can be moved to the sale section sooner so that newer items can be sold. 

Another great thing about online shopping is cash back programs. Whereas the best you can hope for in a physical store would be a 



third parties

will actually

give you money

to shop online. My favorite cash back program is




not only shows you what sales are going on from their wide variety of stores, but also gives you a certain percent cash back on all of your orders. The percent off can range anywhere from 1% to 50%. That means that you're already getting the discount you may find in stores, plus you have the possibility of getting an even larger discount if the store is having a sale themselves! You would be surprised at how fast the cash back rewards begin to pile up. If you want to set up your own


account to start earning cash back on all of your online purchases, click


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So to wrap it all up, online shopping is quick, efficient, and saves you money. What's not to love about that? Let me know what your favorite online stores are in the comments below!