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Health bars can be tricky. Either they're not good and healthy or they're amazing but full of sugars and fats without much of the good stuff we actually want.  Thankfully, there is a protein bar that perfectly combines a good taste with real health benefits. Let me introduce you to the brand you'll soon love, Quest Nutrition. 

Quest Bars first stuck out to me because of their nutritional information. They're marketed as being gluten free, high fiber, low sugar while still having a low number of net carbs. A typical bar has around 20 grams of protein, 1 gram or no sugar, close to 20 grams of fiber, minimal fat and all for 200 calories or less. 

What I love even more than the nutritional information is the taste! Although they can sometimes be chewy, once you heat these guys up, it's a whole new ball game. One of my favs is the chocolate chip cookie dough. If you throw it in the microwave for a few seconds, it seriously tastes just like warm Pillsbury cookie dough - except for much healthier of course! 

Even if you can't heat one up, it's still amazing! And it's so easy to just throw into your bag and eat on the go instead of running through a drive-thru. One of the best things about Quest bars (as if there isn't enough already), is that they're so filling! It really can be a meal replacement-it keeps you full that long. It's even the perfect dessert. Inspired by some of their

YouTube videos

, I made one into one of the best cookies ever. 

Their videos transform their already amazing bars into foods you never thought could be healthy. Some examples include Samoa Cookies, Key Lime Pie and Pina Colada cups. And with so many flavors to choose from, everyone can find one they enjoy! 

Btws: Quest Nutrition also sells carb free pasta and healthy chips!