weight loss

the basics...

With the holidays approaching, there’s always a dark cloud in our subconscious mind. With all the pies, casseroles and gravy, it’s easy to push aside those goals or that diet and think about it after the holidays when it’s more convenient.

Well, not this year! I’ve had this post on my mind for a while and I think this couldn’t be a more perfect time!

I originally wanted to title it “How to lose weight” but I figured that wouldn’t be super attractive compared to apple pie. It’s not anything groundbreaking, but just simple math. A lot of times, we get so caught up in the newest and greatest thing that we forget the fundamentals.

So how to lose weight. Are you ready? Eat less than you burn. I kinda hate myself for sounding so cliché but its really true! Lemme explain…

I’m so one for analogies so that’s the best way I can explain it. Let’s say you go shopping. You have a budget of $1,000 and endless stores. Free People is first. After trying on some shoes, picking up a couple necklaces, and throwing in a sweater, you’re ready for the next store. $300 later, you’re on your way to Saks. They’re having a sale so you only drop $250 there. But then, as you’re walking by Tiffany’s, the window display has your name written all over a diamond necklace. You go in, just to peak of course, but the necklace keeps calling you, until finally a blue box is part of your new collection. The total for the day: $1,100.  I mean, look at everything you got! It’s basically stealing!! Except for the $1,000 budget…

Thankfully, this is all a pretend situation so you didn’t actually go over your budget. But if it were, you’d be owing. That’s how I view weight loss. Instead of wanting to be owing, you want to have money left over! So let’s say you figure out that you’ll burn 2000 calories a day. As long as you eat less than 2000 calories, you’ll eventually lose weight. How fast depends on how much less you eat, but it’ll still happen. I’m not saying it’s healthy to eat 1900 calories of junk food though; there are still reasons to eat a healthy diet. (That’s a whole other post though).  OR (there’s a second door folks!) you can flip the equation (throwback to Algebra). If you say you’re going to eat 2000 calories, just burn more than the 2000. Options y’all, options. Recap: Option 1-eat less and still lose weight. Option 2-eat the same but burn more calories and still lose weight! There are so many fun ways to be active this time of year that I promise it’s not as hard as you think!

So during this holiday season, instead of pushing it off until later, remember to just shop wisely!