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Reach your New Years goals without giving up your favorite sweet treats with Halo Top all-natural ice cream
Reach your New Years goals without giving up your favorite sweet treats with Halo Top all-natural ice cream
Halo Top all-natural protein packed ice cream review
Halo Top nutritional information
Halo Top healthy, high protein chocolate ice cream
Reach your New Years goals without giving up your favorite sweet treats with Halo Top all-natural ice cream

Happy New Years! I'm so happy to be back with y'all for another year. For the first post of 2016, I couldn't think of anything better than a new healthy food brand!

I'll be the first to admit my serious addiction to anything sweet. I don't care what it is, if there is an excessive amount of sugar in it, I'll be all over it. Ice cream is no exception. I can remember spending hours as a kid in the freezing snow, only to come inside and eat ice cream! As I've grown older and try to live a more health conscious lifestyle, I've had to cut back on all of the ice cream. I've tried to substitute popsicles, but nothing is the same as a good pint of the cold treat.

When Halo Top reached out to me to try their product, I knew I couldn't pass it up! Not only does it satisfy my sweet tooth, but it is actually pretty good for you. Each pint is packed with protein, low in carbs and sugar, less than 300 calories, and made with all natural ingredients. Seems too good to be true, right? Wrong! 

I can't even tell you how many "healthy ice creams" I've tried. Some of them are better than others, but none of them have the same sweet creaminess as the real thing. Halo Top proved all of them wrong! Not only does the consistency match the real deal, but it taste just like it as well. I picked out three flavors to try- chocolate, vanilla, and birthday cake. I'll be honest with y'all - the chocolate wasn't my favorite. But not to worry, the other two flavors more than made up for it! The vanilla flavor really did taste just like vanilla, and the birthday cake was off the charts good. I especially loved the sprinkles in the birthday cake flavor!

Whether you're trying to work off the holiday weight, keep a New Years resolution, or just have a sweet tooth like me, Halo Top is a must try! You can click


to see where to find some near you.

I would love to hear what you think of it if you give it a try! What's your favorite flavor? Let me know in the comments below.


fall inspired: tiger stripe cake



: There is absolutely nothing healthy about this recipe whatsoever. I normally try to modify unhealthy desserts to be a little bit healthier, but this is one of those recipes you just have to try as is! 

Growing up, tiger stripe cake was my absolute favorite dessert. The combination of decadent chocolate cake and the quintessential fall pumpkin bread made the sweet treat irresistible. My mom had a small baking business, and Mizzou fans always loved this treat as a cute way to celebrate football games. 

We usually make this recipe in a bundt cake (

which looks precious

), but I thought putting it in individual mason jars would be perfect for fall! Not only are mason jars super cute and trendy, but it makes it easy to give out as gifts. By adding a little bit of ribbon to the jars, it's the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season with your friends and family. 

I have to confess, when my mom and I make this, we use her homemade pumpkin bread recipe. To make it easier on y'all, I would suggest just buying a boxed version. Because I make the homemade version, I'm not sure how much the boxed kind will make. I halved our recipe for pumpkin bread, and there was still enough left over to make a small loaf of the bread. When layering, use your best judgment for how much to add on each layer. I added measurements as a guideline, but it really just depends on how large your mason jars (

or other containers

) are and how full you want them to be! You can see from the picture above how much batter I layered in the jars, and it actually was a little bit too much! Unfortunately, the cakes fell after I took them out of the oven, but they were still at the brim or over. 

Before baking the cakes, I wanted to make sure it would be safe to bake in the mason jars. One recommendation was to place the jars in a baking dish filled with hot water. I started off doing that, but when I saw the batter overflowing into the water, I decided to switch them onto a cookie sheet. The water will definitely change the way the cakes bake, but if you're afraid of baking in mason jars, that may be a good route to go!

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what your favorite fall recipe is in the comments below!


fourth of july: {diy froyo bar}

Confession: I love going to frozen yogurt shops and sampling the heck out of the flavors. I rarely get a cup of my own because I'm so satisfied with my


 sample cups! I always make sure to bring my brother or dad along though, so I'm not stealing, but rather helping them pick out the best flavors!:) When I was thinking about a sweet treat idea that was 4th of July inspired, a diy froyo bar sounded perfect!

When I think of dessert for the 4th, I think of something light and easy. After spending all day out in the sun, snacking on chips and hot dogs, the last thing I want is anything rich or sugar-comma inducing! A froyo bar is perfect because each person can control how much or little they want and top it in their own unique way. Can you imagine how much fun kids would have with this! One of my favorite frozen yogurt places is actually inside of a gas station. They have this great deal where they offer the extra froyo from the day before at a discount price. I've also seen froyo sold in grocery stores too, in case you can't find it for a good price at an actual froyo store! 

To make the bar, I got a quart of the froyo, an "on-the-go" cup of mini oreos and vanilla wafers (which I crushed), and healthier toppings from the fridge. Oh and sprinkles of course, because you can never have enough sprinkles! 

I would love to hear what your favorite summer treat is in the comments below! 


natural balance

nakd health bars
nakd whole foods
nakd health bars
nakd bars nutrition information
nakd health bars

Y'all... these bars are


bomb.com. Like so so good. My new favorite. And the packaging! I'm obsessed.

Let me introduce you to nakd:

Nakd is an awesome part of Natural Balance Foods that makes healthy bars out of natural, real ingredients. As they put it, "Nakd bars and snacks are a great way to eat nutritious, healthy food without compromising on taste! Our snack bars are made from yummy natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are 'smooshed' together for you into a handy bar. Wheat and dairy free, with no added sugars or hidden extras." Interested yet?

A major part of living a healthy lifestyle is eating healthy foods. Like I've talked about before, the nutritional value of food goes way beyond the actual nutrition label. It's so easy to think something is "healthy" because the company has labeled it that way. A lot of times though, those "healthy items" are filled with processed added sugars and ingredients that you need a degree to pronounce! So when I saw that each of these bars had an average of 3-5 ingredients that I could actually pronounce, I was sold. The main ingredient in the bars is dates, which gives them their sweet taste, even though they taste too sweet for that to be true! Then they add other nuts and natural ingredients to give it a particular flavor. To top it all off, they are wheat


dairy free, which makes it easy for everyone to try! If you want to learn more about a

wheat free diet plan

, Natural Balance Foods has all the deets!

I've seen so many great posts reviewing nakd bars, so I wanted to make sure my review was 100% authentic. I


asked my family to help me sample them, and here's what we thought!

It seems like what one person liked, another one didn't, but these are the top picks for each person


-bakewell tart (my favorite)

-berry delight


-strawberry crunch

-cocoa delight 

-cocoa orange

None of us were crazy about cashew cookie. Compared to all the flavors of all the other bars, this one just seemed a little bland. For all four of us to only not like one flavor though, they must be doing something right! With so many different flavors, anyone can find one they'll love! 

After just trying little bite-sized samples of the flavors, I was so full! These would be the perfect snack to throw in your bag for a mid-day snack or to eat before the gym!

If y'all have tried any nakd bars, I'd love to know what you think of them and what your favorite flavor is!


Thank you so much to nakd for sending me the bars.